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Updated 07 May 2015

Standard Bank Group wins Super Regional award in Profit & Loss Services’ 2015 Digital FX Awards

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s biggest lender by assets, has won the Super Regional award for its eMarketTrader platform in the in the 2015 Profit & Loss Services Digital FX Awards....

28 April 2015 More

Standard Bank Group signs Business Cooperation Agreement with Woori Bank

Standard Bank Group today signed a Business Cooperation Agreement (BCA) with Woori Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in South Korea, aimed at capturing more banking business from Korean companies operating or investing in Africa. ...

April 23, 2015 More

Price speculators spur buying interest in oil exchange-traded note

The oil price shock is still reverberating throughout the world, but Standard Bank Group's West Texas Intermediate crude oil tracking exchange-traded note has received a spike in buying interest over the last six weeks as investors try and pick the bottom of the oil market....

9 April 2015 More